West Linn Real Estate Information

West Linn is a beautiful and prosperous southern suburb of Portland located in northwestern Oregon in Clackamas County. The city is known for having developed early in its history due to the success spurred by the benefits supplied by the Willamette Falls. Named after Senator Dr. Lewis Fields Linn of Genevieve, Missouri, West Linn has a population of about 25,000 residents. Senator Linn is known in the region for advocating the American occupation of Oregon in order to beat out British attempts to claim the region during the early years of America.

West Linn was first settled in 1839 by Major Robert Moore, who was widely famous for his military service in the War of 1812, where he served in the Pennsylvania militia, most likely as a battlefield surgeon. After exploring the Willamette Valley and Columbia Basin regions, Moore bought about 1,000 acres of land just west of Willamette Falls, right across the river from Oregon City, from a local Native American tribe known as the Wanax-ha. In 1843, he established the area as “Robin’s Nest,” but in 1845, the Territorial Legislature of Oregon voted to rename the city Linn City. During its early days, Linn City was a competent rival of Oregon City, but after suffering some setbacks including Moore’s death in 1857 and a flood, causing many of the residents to move elsewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Decades later, the community was somewhat revived and redeveloped into a locked canal and industrial town, and in 1913, the city of West Linn was incorporated and later merged with the adjacent town of Willamette.

Today West Linn is a lively city that still retains its small town atmosphere and lush greenery. The friendly, close-knit community is home to numerous events and activities for families and individuals of all ages. Some of this charming city’s great events include the West Linn Farmer’s Market, which is a seasonal weekly event, dance parties and classes, a holiday bazarr, children’s sports and recreation organizations, salmon bakes, and numerous other recreational activities.