Tualatin Real Estate Information

Tualatin is a beautiful city located primarily in Washington County in northwestern Oregon. A small portion of the city also lies in neighboring Clackamas County. The city serves as a suburb in the southwestern region of the Portland Metropolitan Area that is located just south of Tigard and within convenient driving distance of the bustling city of Portland. Tualatin currently has about 27,000 residents living in he city.

The city gained its name from the Tualatin River, which lies along most of the city’s northern boundary. The city’s name was originally spelled “Tualitin” as established by the town post office, but in 1915 the spelling was altered to “Tualatin.” In the 1850’s the first settlement in the area where Tualatin is now located was known as Galbreath, after its founder Samuel Galbreath. In 1853, Galbreath built the first bridge over the Tualatin river, giving the town its original name, Bridgeport. Later in the 1880’s, John Sweek platted a town around the new railroad station located in the area and named the town Tualatin. The city was incorporated as the City of Tualatin in 1913.

Some of the major employers in Tualatin include Novellus Systems, which makes electrochemical deposition tools for manufacturing semiconductors, as well as Kershaw Knives and CRKT, both of which are major knife manufacturers. Until the 1980’s Tualatin was also home to the Sunn Musical Equipment Company, which produced musical and sound reinforcement equipment. The city has also played a role as a filming location for several Hollywood movies, including Thumbsucker and Management, starring Jennifer Aniston. Health care in Tualatin is provided by the Legacy Meridian Park Hospital, while the Tualatin Station serves as the city’s central mass transit depot. The city is also home to a majority of Bridgeport Village, which is an upscale shopping district that opened in early 2005. Built on the site of a former quarry, Bridgeport was designed to display a beautiful open-air European-style shopping experience. The shopping district is also home to an 18-screen movie theater, numerous popular major retail stores, and several national and regional chain restaurants.