Charbonneau Real Estate Information

Also known as the Charbonneau District, Charbonneau is a private planned community that is actually located within the city limits of Wilsonville in Clackamas County in northwestern Oregon. Charbonneau is situated along the eastern bank of the Willamette River, just north of the Aurora State Airport. The community was named for Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, who was the son of Sacagawea. The community began as a nine-hole golf course, which was completed in 1972, and 228 town homes. Today, Charbonneau has a population of about 4,000 residents living in over 1,000 family unites and 510 houses, all built next to an integrated 27-hole golf course. Charbonneau is also home to a small commercial district consisting of a grocery store, restaurant, and about ten other shops.

The type of land use and planning used to develop Charbonneau has also been used to develop similar communities; however, Charbonneau is the oldest of them. The development of these communities has been crucial to developing the urban growth boundary to prevent urban sprawl. Although the Charbonneau District is officially located within the city boundaries of Wilsonville, Charbonneau holds its own unique identity separate from that of the rest of the city. Furthermore, Charbonneau’s social life is considered to be even more separate. The community is home to its own town center around golf course club house, and the community also operates its own monthly newspaper that covers past and upcoming events taking place in the area. Education isn’t provided by the West Linn-Wilsonville School District, but is rather provided by the Canby School District. Most of the community’s schoolchildren attend Canby High School. Many people living in Charbonneau identify their community as more related to the city of Canby rather than Wilsonville, primarily due to the school zoning.

Charbonneau has access to all of Wilsonville’s conveniences, including the public transportation systems that also serve to link Wilsonville with Portland. The area is serviced by the South Metro Area Regional Transit and TriMet. Residents of Charbonneau can also use the numerous beautiful parks and recreational facilities in Wilsonville, which is also home to one movie theater complex. Some of the popular events and festivals held in Wilsonville include the Wilsonville Festival of Arts, Wilsonville Celebration Days, and farmers’ markets, which are held throughout the year.