Canby Real Estate Information

Situated in Clackamas County in Northwestern Oregon, the beautiful city of Canby has a population of about 16,000 residents. The city is most well known throughout the state for being home to the Clackamas County Fairgrounds, where the annual Clackamas County Fair and Rodeo have taken place since 1907. Located just off of Oregon Route 99E, the Clackamas County Fairgrounds also host other festivals, events, and fairs throughout the year.

The city of Canby was named for Edward Richard Sprigg Canby, who was a Civil War general later killed by Captain Jack and his group of warriors in the Modoc War. Other communities named after him include the town of Canby in Modoc County, California, as well as Canby in Yellow Medicine County, Minnesota. Prior to the city’s incorporation by the Oregon Legislative Assembly on February 15, 1893, the city was known as Baker’s Praire, a named it gained upon the city’s founding in 1857.

Canby offers its guests and residents with an exceptional transportation system consisting of several modes of transportation. The Union Pacific freight and passenger lines run right through the middle of downtown Canby, and the Oregon Pacific Railroad branchline to Molalla also runs to the city. The Canby Area Transit (CAT) provides bus service and connections to Portland’s TriMet bus system and WES commuter rail system, which is located in Wilsonville and Oregon City. Since the Willamette River runs through Canby, the historic Canby Ferry also provides year-round transportation across the river between Canby and Wilsonville. Canby is served by the Aurora State Airport and the Portland-Mulino Airport, but both are served by General Aviation only. However, the Portland International Airport is also located within driving distance. Canby is also unique in the way that the city features paved roads designed specifically for pedestrians and bicycles and is closed off to automobiles.

The city also boasts a number of excellent and successful community athletic programs. Both school and community based sports teams, along with their associated sports organizations, are seen as models for other communities. One of the most popular community sports programs is Canby Kids, which is an umbrella organization that offers baseball, football, soccer, volleyball, wrestling, softball, and lacrosse for children up to grade 8.