Beaverton Real Estate Information

Located in Washington County, Oregon, Beaverton is a beautiful city with a population of about 87,000 residents. The city is conveniently located just seven miles west of portland in the Tulatin River Valley and is the second-largest city in the county and sixth-largest city in the state of Oregon.

It is believed that Beaverton gained its name because of its location near a large body of water that was created by beaver dams. The area in Tualatin Valley where Beaverton is now located was originally home to a Native American Tribe known as the Atfalati, a name which the European settlers mispronounced as Tualatin. Towards the end of the 18th century, the Atfalati tribe’s population began to dwindle, and when settlers arrived in the 19th century, the tribe was no longer the dominant force in the region. At that time there was a Native American village known as Chakepi, meaning Place of the Beaver, which was eventually named Beaverdam by the settlers. However, the current city of Beaverton was never truly formed until after the US Civil War, when numerous settlers decided to establish a village in the area in order to attract the railroad to a region once believed to be mostly swamps and marshes. In 1872, Beaverton’s first post office opened, and by 1893, the community had a population of 400. Over time, Beaverton grew and developed into a modern city located on the outskirts of Portland, with a light rail system connecting the two.

Beaverton is home to many large companies such as Reser’s Fine Foods, which has had its headquarters in the city since 1960. Other major companies located in the city include Leupold & Stevens, Nike, Inc., Phoenix Technologies, the Linux Foundation, Linux Technology Center of IBM, Tektronix, and Maxim Integrated Products. The city is also home to numerous schools within the Beaverton School District, as well as private schools such as the German American School, Holy Trinity School, Jesuit High School, Saint Cecilia Grade School, Southwest Christian School, Valley Catholic School, Valley Catholic Middle School, and Wood Haven School. Anthem College is also located in Beaverton.